Hausel, Gem Hunter, Gold Hunter, Geological Consultant

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Consulting Geologists for Rent

Need a geological consultant who sees things differently? 

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I look for contracts from exploration companies with projects related to geological exploration, geological mapping & project generation.

I have a track record of discoveries & considerable experience in detailed geological mapping. Over the years, I mapped >1,000 square kilometers of complex geological terrain on the ground - much had never been mapped. This excludes several compilation (2 degree sheets) maps I co-authored. I was twice nominated for the Dibblee Mapping Award .

SPECIALTIES. My specialties are geological mapping, Archean greenstone belts, gold deposits, diamond deposits, colored gemstone deposits, base metal deposits. I spent 30 years mapping old historical mining districts and underground mines & prospecting for every kind of metal & gemstone deposit including gold, diamonds, copper porphyry, volcanogenic massive sulfides, rare earths and more. I mapped the two largest diamondiferous kimberlite districts in the US, the largest lamproite district in North America & investigated diamondiferous lamprophyres & serpentinized breccia pipes. For my work, the Wyoming Geological Association presented me with the 2004 Distinguished Service Award .

I am not interested in positions as CEO, VP or Director as this takes a person with a different kind of personality, even though I have worked as a VP of Exploration for a Diamond Company, Deputy Director for the WGS & recently was offered CEO for a diamond company. I am better suited for developing prospect ideas and working as an independent consultant.

PUBLIC SPEAKER. Need a speaker? I presented >400 talks and lectures to professional groups, universities, prospecting & general interest groups & was honored as the 1994 Laramie Lycem Distingished Speaker, the 1998 University of Wyoming Department of Geology & Geophysics Distinguised Lecturer  & presented the AAPG's President's Award.

I enjoy speaking to rock hound groups & prospectors. I cannot do this as a courtesy as in the past as I have to make a living. I also presented several short courses related to diamond exploration & gold prospecting to various groups & companies including MK Gold, North American Exploration, the Wyoming Geological Association and others.

MINERAL & ROCK ID. Over the years, I examined thousands of rock & mineral specimens for companies, geologists, prospectors & rock hounds. It was great fun & periodically, someone would bring in a valuable gemstone, diamonds, or gold. For this and other research, I was elected to the 2001 National Rock Hound & Lapidary Hall of Fame and presented the Education Award.

Today, I only have a handlens and this is not enough for me to provide good information on rock ID. But if you still would like to take a chance, I will examine specimens with my handlens for a fee, and give you my best guess.

As a final note, I loved my work at the WGS & enjoyed working as a consultant for mining companies including WestGold, Diamond Ex, Black Range Minerals, Western Archon, Endurance Gold, Chevron Minerals, Echo Bay, Bald Mountain Mining & others. My work has been recognized by the 1998 Millinnium Hall of Fame, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science & Engineering, 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century & more.

But I have to admit, my favorite honor was in 2003 when I became an Elected Member to the Colorado Mining Association along with an Honorary Member of the Colorado Chapter of the International Order of Ragged Ass Miners. This brought tears to my eyes.